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Catastrophic Coverage

Individuals and families who are primarily healthy, but are looking for emergency catastrophic coverage

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Everyday Plans

Individuals and families who primarily want preventitive services and basic medical care, also with emergency catastrophic coverage

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Comprehensive Plans

Individuals and families who are looking for more traditional coverage like an insurance plan, but want a more affordable option

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Is Medishare real health coverage?
Although health sharing is not insurance, it is recognized by the HHS as coverage and is a legal alternative to health insurance. You are required to have health coverage, but not health insurance.
What are Medical Sharing Plans?
Healthcare sharing plans are alternatives offered to those of Christian faith to help alleviate the cost and expenses of medical bills. Medical Sharing facilitates the cost sharing for families and individuals on these unique plans. These plans are ACA exempt and are generally much more affordable than the cost of traditional health insurance.
How Long Have Medical Sharing Plans Existed?
Medical sharing plans have been established since as early as 1993. As a reminder anyone on the medishare plan is NOT subject to tax penalty.
Is Medishare Plan Right for Me and My Family?
Speak to one of our agents about any of your concerns to finding the right coverage for you. Medishare plan is not for everyone, but does fit the needs of most.